1. Hostel

The dormitories are designed as a place for students

The dormitories are designed as a place for students to live and learn to adjust to the educational demands, while encouraging them to develop a healthy social network. All rooms are Spacious and well‐furnished.

Equipped with all modern amenities.

24 hours hot and cold water supply.

Uninterrupted power supply.

Remain 24 hours protected under strict security

RO Water for drinking in school and Dormitories

Cupboard, study table and chair are individually provided to each student.

Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling food, and wash and dry them again frequently during work.

2. Mess

Atma Malik is having hygienic Kitchen

Atma Malik is having hygienic Kitchen where all the meal (Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks, Dinner etc.) is prepared by trained cooks. PURE VEGITARIAN AND JAIN FOOD is being served in the Hygienic Dining Hall. Nutritious and balanced menu with various varieties is prepared under the supervision of Dietician. Our House parents and staff will teach the table manners during meal timing in the Dining Hall. In dhyanpeeth mess student give a healthy food, which be important for their growth.

3. Classroom

Classrooms are equipped with suitable environment

Classrooms are equipped with suitable environment, where learning become fun, and library books are easily available to the students for ready reference. Here the students are taught to use their knowledge practically and follow their teachers positively. For having individual attention to every child, each class have a maximum strength of 80 students.

The school environment includes highly qualified teachers who develop a child’s interest in learning. They try to main a fruitful relationship with the child. And with this, he/she starts performing exceptionally in academic as well as personal activities.

4. Medical

Students will have regular medical check-up

The students will have regular medical check-up and proper record to monitor their regular health throughout the year.

5. Computer Lab

Latest multimedia computers with internet facilities

Computer Labs have the latest multimedia computers with internet facilities available for the students. The school has well-trained computer faculties who make learning computers a fun activity. Computer Lab is used for different purposes Like.


Aakash I-tutor Session.

Scholarship Exam.

VVM Exam

Aakash Online Test

6. Laboratories

A). Physics Lab –

B). Chemistry Lab –

C). Biology Lab –

7. Study Room

A study room is a period of time set aside during the school day for students to work independently or receive academic help from a teacher or adult. Historically, study room have been used to fill gaps in student schedules, and students are assigned to a specific classroom at a designated time.

College has separate study room for Boys and Girls

College provides separate study room for Boys till 12 pm.

Girls have two study rooms, one which is in college campus and one in hostel campus.

In study room 150 students can sit for a long time because healthy atmosphere and well equipped furniture.

8. Sports

ATMA MALIK SPORTS COMPLEX has following sports facilities
Outdoor activities included..









Indoor activities included..





CHESS Online Test

9. Internet

The College provides the broadband Internet facilities to the various departments. All faculties is now well-acquainted with the Internet Operation. Internet connection is provided in every Administrative and Academic Department and Library.

10. Special Feature

Updated Library.

Qualified Teaching Faculties.

Guest Lectures from Aakash Experts.

Preparation of Completive Exams (NEET, JEE, MHT CET) from XI standard

Regular tests for students practice and know performance of the student.

Well- qualified and experienced teaching faculties solve students problems.

Chapter – wise weekly tests of each subject.

Separate study room and library for boy and girls.

I-tutor lab for the students.

Parents-Teachers Communication through ‘Atma Malik Students’ Mobile App’.

Regular Medical Check-up for students and Hygiene counseling for girls

Career Guidance seminar by experts

Separate hostel campus and mess facility for girls with all incredition.

Mobile free campus. 15. Ambulance Facility in the campus.

R-O water system.

Yoga and meditation sessions for the students.

Whole campus under CCTV surveillance.

11.Scholarship Exams

College fill the form of interested candidates

College fill the form of interested candidates for different exams like KVPY, NEET, JEE, AIIMS, MHT-CET etc. also provide the guidance through faculties.

These scholarships will help to reduce mental pressure by paying an amount of money. This is a great help for deserving students. Scholarship can be either merit-based or exam based. To get success in these scholarship exams, students need training and proper guidance. Read the entire article carefully to know more about scholarships in how to get scholarships in India, eligibility, etc.

These exams are basically conducted to check the mental ability and critical thinking of the students. The students who qualified for the exams will receive scholarships

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