I welcome you to Vishwatmak Jangli Maharaj Ashram Trust’s – Atma Malik International School (CBSE Junior College), Kokamthan with the pride. It is an honor and privilege to be the Principal of Atma Malik International School(CBSE Junior College), the college that stands for excellence and continuously sets the highest standards, the college that gives distinguished leaders and personalities in various fields.

Atma Malik International School (CBSE Junior College) is considered among the best and most sought after colleges in rural area with its distinguished features and flag.

We feel proud to provide quality education by empowering students with knowledge, life-skills, confidence and positive approach with an overall development.

Along with academic excellence the students are encouraged to participate in various co-curricular and extracurricular activities to develop passion, resilience and leadership qualities for versatile personality.In the last academic year, wise and intelligent parents considering all these aspects had given tremendous response.

Atma Malik International School (CBSE Junior College) has only a Science Stream focusing on careers in Engineering and Medical, paramedical fields and also other competitive exams related with basic science, Agricultural science, research fields, civil services etc.

Atma Malik International School (CBSE Junior College) is famous for its Matric and Junior Students achieving honors in All India Secondary School Examinations (AISSE) and all India Senior School Examination (AISSE) respectively.

Our progressive management is always looking forward to make our institute one of the best institutes in educational field with excellence. The management is highly supportive for the overall development of the students and the faculties. The management takes keen interest and stands behind any such endeavor. Our teachers are committed, dedicated for the development of the institute by imparting knowledge and play the role of facilitator as well as role model to our students. The members of non-teaching staff and hostel staff highly dedicated with total commitment towards the achievement of our mission and goals.

Progress of an institute depends mainly on performance of the students in academic, sports and cultural activities along with maintaining high values and ethics. I am proud to say that our students are doing excellent in academics, sports and cultural activities with high values and ethics.

Our motto – ‘Atma Malik’ is truly inspiring our students. It encourages them to realize their dreams and achieve their goals which otherwise seems impossible. At our International campus students and staff believes that “Nothing is impossible and that’s secret of our success”.

Mr. Namdev Dange


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