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Our country, in the 21st century is moving forward; with pride on the universal level. The reason for this is the revolution that took place in the field of education after independence. Today all the constituents of the society have understood the importance of education. In the true sense, through education, along the progress of self, the development of the country also takes place. Tremendous competition has risen in the field of education due to this consciousness. From this has sprung the new era of competitive exams. The pressure of these competitive exams is increasing on the students. The students have to face tremendous mental strain.

To get rid of this mental strain and state the fruits of success, the students need meritorious education along with the inculcation of good moral values, self realization, controlled breathing and meditation. Taking into consideration the needs of the students, with determination and the Holy Blessing of the highly reverend “Om Gurudev Mauli” and under the able guidance of Hon. Shri. Nandkumar Suryawanshi, President, VJMAT since last Academic Year we have conducted (Science Guidance and Training for all the entrance exams related with the Medical and Engineering field for the students of Grade 11th & 12th)

Mr. Sudhakar Malik

The students of 11th and 12th are taught the Board syllabus along with the syllabus of various competitive exams in pure, sacred and meditative atmosphere. The students enjoy the privilege of the facilities such as well-equipped library, study rooms, hostel and vegetarian mess under one roof and thus their time and labor are not wasted. Also through self-realization, meditation, controlled breathing, healthy disposition of the mind, memory, concentration increases and hence boosts the ability of the students to study well.

In the last academic year, wise and intelligent parents considering all these aspects had given tremendous response.

Mr. Sudhakar Malik

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